About Me
Merridee Rodel
1st Semester - 6th Period
2nd Semester - 4th Period

Contact Information:

Human Services
I recieved my Bachelor's Degree from South Dakota State University in Family and Consumer Sciences  Education. I am married and have three wonderful children. I enjoy being with my family and spending time outdoors when I'm not at school. I feel each day I have the opportunity to make a difference in a child's life, which makes this the best job on earth.

 Weekly Focus
Weekly Focus
Important Dates
3rd Nine Weeks
Week 1
Classroom Procedures/Rules  and TEAM Building
Week 2
Kitchen Safety, Equipment, and Measurement
Week 3
Mealtime Customs/Manners and Homemade Pancake Lab
Week 4
Foods Around the World Project, Kitchen Safety Exam, and begin Nutrition Unit
Week 5
Cont. Fitness and Wellness Unit, Prepare Breakfast Tacos, and Research Health Sciences Careers
Week 6
Finish Fitness and Wellness Unit. Childcare/Child Dev. Unit
Week 7
Cont. Childcare/Child Dev. Unit
Week 9
Infant Simulator Demo/Ch. 11 You the Consumer Unit, Begin Media Mania Project, and prepare Caramel Popcorn

4th Nine Weeks
Week 10
Cont. Ch. 11 Money Management, Check Writing, and Dream Vacation
Week 11
Ch. 11 Money Management and Homemade Biscuit Lab
Week 12
Careers Unit and Ham/Cheese Omelettes/Profession Pitch Speeches/ Ch. 8 Quiz
Week 13
Begin Ch. 1-3 You, Your Family, and Your Friends Unit, Sugar Cookie Lab
Week 14
This week each student will write a "My Person of Character Paper" and bake Chocolate Chip Cookies.
Week 15 Fashion Unit
Week 16
Fashion Unit and Semester Finals Begin
1/9/17 - Please return all signed paperwork and bring in required supplies.

2016-17 Course Syllabus

Course Description
The goal of this course is to create a culture of high expectation and continuous improvement that provides Junior High students with the fundamental life skills for personal life management.
Class Procedures
* Greeting (prior to the bell)
* Daily Journal.... Write down Date, Daily Focus, and Complete Journal Entry (first 5 minutes)
* Lesson / Assignment / Activity / Lab (40 minutes)
* Closure / Review / What's going on tomorrow (last 5 minutes)
Cub Kitchen
Cub Kitchen will be utilized throughout the semester to provide the students with hands-on cooking experiences.
Kitchen Participation - Parent Permission is Required
Areas of Study
* Kitchen Safety/Food Preparation
* Nutrition/Healthy Living
* Career Exploration
* Money Management
* Event Planning
* Child Development/Childcare
* Family/Friend Dynamics (parent, child, sibling, and peers)
* Fashion
* $10 Lab Fee
* Signed Permission Slip and Classroom Routines/Procedures
* Pocket Folder w/ Brads filled with notebook paper (Student Journal)
* Pencil and Pen
KEYS to Success
* Respect
* Participate
* Cooperate
* Encourage
* Take Risks

Personal Note:

I look forward to a wonderful year!
Each day I will strive for MY best and will expect the best from each one of my students.





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